GENE TREE, The Ceramic Coil for a Subversive Vaping Experience by VOOPOO x ZOVOO

Introducing the industry’s first “powder-free” ceramic coil – GENE TREE by VOOPOO x ZOVOO.

A proprietary patented technology, GENE TREE is a subversive ceramic coil, not only provides the best disposable vaping experience with its 4 outstanding features but also makes vaping more secure and solves the industry-wide problems of leaking oil and fried oil.

H2: Better and drag bar
GENE TREE’s vaping aerosol has a stable release, produces a pure, no-decay taste, and has a more consistent flavour from the first puff to the last.

H2: Low Battery Consumption, More Puffs
GENE TREE accomplishes a higher energy conversion, in return with a super low power and battery consumption, and more puffs. GENE TREE disposable allows for 700 puffs, a longer-lasting vaping experience as it allows the most puffs among the 2ml disposable devices.

H2: First “Powder-Free” Vaping, More Secure Vaping
The industry’s first “powder-free” ceramic coil proprietary patented technology, GENE TREE breaks the bottleneck of sticking and dropping powder in traditional ceramic coils, the high-strength ceramic formed by the high-temperature guarantees powder-free effects, realising real powder-free vaping, making vaping more secure.

H2: First Multilayer Microhole Structure, Say No to Leakage
The industry’s first multilayer microhole structure, with this technology, GENE TREE solves the problem of oil burnt and leakage, and low service life of disposable vapes that extremely affects the taste and user experience, in return you may enjoy the purity of every puff.

H2: About the Brands
Founded in 2017, VOOPOO is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, and branding. Their four major product series: ARGUS, DRAG, VINCI, and V are popular all over the world.

ZOVOO focuses on disposable vapes, and its DRAGBAR series has been praised and pursued by global users and has become the “best disposable vape” trusted by users.